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Prep Your House for an Emergency

Prep Your House for an Emergency

We would all like to think that an emergency would never happen to us. And it most likely won’t, but being prepared and having a plan can make the event of one…
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Tips for a Safe, Fun and Mobile Accessible Halloween

The promise of handfuls of candy and elaborate decorations makes Halloween a pretty important date in any child’s calendar. This year, make your holiday memories…
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Roadside Assistance

Getting stuck on the road isn't any fun! Roadside Assistance for Drivers with Disabilities Getting stuck on the side of the road due to a vehicle malfunction can…
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Turning Seats

Mobility Automotive Seating Systems The ability to get in and out of your vehicle easily and comfortably is one of the most important steps in gaining a true sense…
mobility vehicle maintenance schedule

Insist on Certified Maintenance on Accessible Vans Every 6 Months

Every vehicle needs maintenance on a periodic basis, and a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is no exception. Do you take your van to a regular mechanic occasionally…
handicap van theft

Top Ways to Prevent Handicap Van Theft

This time of year, your handicap van may not be much of a handicap to criminals, but a tempting target. Like Santa’s sleigh, it will be full of gifts. And if…
mobility vehicle maintenance schedule

Is Your Driving Normal or Severe? You’ll Be Surprised

  Did you know there’s a “normal maintenance schedule” and a “severe schedule” for maintaining your vehicle? How you drive, where you drive and…
OnStar Safety Features

New OnStar FMV Offers Extensive Safety Features

  OnStar, a GPS service that has been found only in General Motors vehicles, became available July 24 as an add-on rearview mirror compatible with 90 million…
vehicle warranty

For Your Warranty’s Sake: Don’t Neglect Your Vehicle

  All new vehicles have a manufacturer's warranty, but you must maintain routine service to make sure that coverage remains in effect. New and used car warranties…
car maintenance tips

How to Save Money on Car Maintenance

It is inconvenient and time consuming to schedule car maintenance, and we all tend to put it off. Don’t. Today's vehicles can easily surpass 200,000 miles with…