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Quality Assurance Program (QAP)


Quality Assurance Program

NMEDA is the certifying body for the nationally recognized Quality Assurance Program (QAP), the only accreditation for auto mobility businesses in North America. We are very proud of the fact that Vocational Rehabilitation agencies in 31 states and the province of Quebec require QAP accreditation for any business that modifies vehicles in their jurisdiction.

QAP is about one thing – safety. That makes our message simple:

1. Don’t buy a converted vehicle unless you know it’s safe.
2. Don’t work with a seller or installer that isn’t QAP accredited.
All NMEDA members, regardless of member type, are required to abide by the QAP Rules, summarized below. As you can see, this program has teeth. That’s because NMEDA members believe in doing it right. Cutting a corner could cost lives – so safety is top of mind, all the time.
Bottom line: when you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle or adaptive equipment, take the guesswork out of safety – make sure you’re dealing with a QAP accredited dealer.
  • Quality Control Manual

    Documented processes, tools, training…the works.

  • Insurance

    Required minimums for Liability, Garage Keepers & more.

  • Training

    Manufacturer-certified technicians & NMEDA approved programs.

  • Record Keeping

    Complete records of all modifications, retained for minimum 7 years.

  • Annual 3rd Party Audits

    Independent audit, at dealer’s expense, verifying compliance.

  • 24/7 Service

    24/7 emergency assistance, at home or on the road.

  • Accessible Facility

    Friendly, accommodating facility, ADA compliant.

  • Tools & Calibration

    Calibration required for specialized tools & equipment.

  • Customer Care

    Servicing Dealer Agreement required, plus mandatory warranties.

  • QAP Labeling

    All modifications labeled, reported & traceable by number.

  • Final Inspection

    All modifications inspected by someone other than the installer.

  • Accreditation Types

    Locations accredited only for appropriate modification competencies.

  • Product Instruction

    Documented customer training on proper usage of products.

  • Mediation Resolution

    Free, dealer-binding mediation resolution of customer complaints.

More About QAP
For a comprehensive look at the entire program see the QAP Rules page. It’s a lot, so let us hit a few high spots for you.

Manufacturers QAP 
All NMEDA members who actually build converted vehicles (think BraunAbility, VMI, etc…) are required to achieve and maintain the Manufacturers Quality Assurance Program (MQAP) accreditation. That means that ALL of their conversions must be reviewed and accepted by NMEDA’s Compliance Review Program  (CRP) automotive engineers to ensure compliance with a myriad of federal safety regulations.

Safety-Reviewed Vehicles 
All vehicles that have been reviewed and accepted by CRP are posted here. When it comes to new conversions, QAP accredited locations are required to sell ONLY vehicles that have been accepted and posted.
[NOTE: Non-MQAP manufacturers may also submit conversions to CRP for review and posting. NMEDA membership is NOT required to have a conversion posted.]

QAP Rules…& Guidelines?
Yeah, there is a little more to QAP than just the Rules. Ok, a lot more (we told you this program had teeth). QAP dealers are also required to abide by the Guidelines, which govern everything from the grade of automotive wiring required for specific jobs to the electrical diagram documentation needed for certain installs, and everything in between.

QAP accreditation is open to everybody
Every NMEDA dealer member location is required to be accredited, but the program is open to all mobility dealers. Interested? Join as a dealer member here or contact us at 813.264.2697 to learn how to achieve non-member QAP accreditation.