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Tips on Camping for Those with Disabilities

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If you’re an outdoor kind of person, don’t let a disability stop you from enjoying Mother Nature, discovering travel in a whole new light or vacationing inexpensively. The…
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Seniors Breeze Through Airport Lines—Sort Of

Seniors Breeze Through Airport Lines—Sort Of Going on an accessible vacation? You should know that in March, the Transportation Security Administration posted…
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Avoid Airport Pat-Downs: New TSA Helpline for People with Disabilities

You might want to drive your accessible vehicle rather than fly. After recent news, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued more intensive search…
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For a Leisurely Vacation, Don’t Rule Out the Scenic Train

For those with disabilities, picture a vacation that is scenic, leisurely, affordable and comfortable, where there’s no waiting in long lines or delays. If you…
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The Great Outdoors: National Parks Offer 3 More Free Days this Year

National Parks offer several free entrance days a year, and there are 3 left for 2011: June 21, September 24 and Veterans Day weekend November 11-13. That's a $25…
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5 Top Travel Destinations for Nature Lover Travelers with Disabilities

Traveling for those with a disability can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be overly so with careful planning and preparation.  Following are 5 fabulous…
morgans wonderland

Amusement Parks are Making it Easier for Those with Disabilities

In the rush of everyday life, we have to make time for fun – and what better place than an amusement park. In the last few years, they have become more friendly…