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What Makes an Accessible Nature Trail?

As the weather starts to warm up, who can resist getting outside? With virtually thousands of miles of nature trails and pathways throughout the country, there are…
Be loud. Heard. Driven.

May is National Mobility Awareness Month

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For the tenth year, National Mobility Awareness Month (NMAM) is set to educate and engage people with disabilities, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and industry partners to help drive change.
In Floor vs. Fold Out Ramps

Is It Past Time to Have Your Van’s Lift or Ramp Serviced?

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You have probably had your oil changed recently and the tires checked. And a tune-up is on the schedule. The wheelchair or scooter is ready to go. You are all set,…
Caregiver Vehicle Buying Tips

Caregivers: Consider These 5 Things Before Buying a Mobility Vehicle

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Caregivers spend an average of 20 hours per week providing care or assistance. Having an accessible vehicle can provide convenience and efficiency when caring for…

Mobility My Way: The Speed of Life

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“If your friends don’t get you into situations where you may have to swim out of a vehicle, do you even have friends?” That’s the question Karah Behrend used to caption a June 2019 Instagram video post...

NMEDA Resources Featured in AARP Article

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In a recent AARP article, NMEDA's Amy Schoppman weighs-in as a subject matter expert on the process of purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle...

Play from your Chair: Sports that Don’t Require Adaptive Equipment

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Staying fit with wheelchair sports Wheelchair sports have seen a surge in popularity over the past decade. From Olympic competitions to locally organized events,…

Wheelchair Accessibility Modification for Homes

For those living with disabilities, the way you get around isn’t the only aspect of your lifestyle. There are also adjustments to your home life that need to be…
wheelchair carrier

Wheelchair Carriers: What Type is Right for You?

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For individuals with disabilities, having access to a handicap accessible vehicle can be life changing and the key to gaining independence. However, purchasing a…
Winter Mobility Vehicle Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

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Although winter is traditionally known as a time to cozy up to warm fires and spend time with family and good friends, it can also bring its own collection of seasonal…

Mobility My Way: He’s a Car Guy (In a Car Family)

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Chris Malcom's three (plus) decades on the road. By Mike Savicki Georgia’s Chris Malcom is a car guy. Always has been. The older the cars are, the better. And…
wheelchair van shopping

The Right Way to Shop for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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Finding and buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle is a process that can’t be rushed. This is a purchase that can potentially redefine your day-to- day experiences,…
July 25, 2022

Happy Anniversary ADA!

NMEDA is proud to support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 32nd Anniversary. On July 26th we celebrate…

July 21, 2022

Updated Technician Trainings: NCT, QAP, ET I & ET II

Superior Van & Mobility was the most recent mobility dealer to host to two successful Comprehensive Automotive Mobility Solutions (CAMS) events last month…

July 21, 2022

Q’STRAINT, BraunAbility Collaborate with Industry Members on EV Passenger Van

Superior Van & Mobility was the most recent mobility dealer to host to two successful Comprehensive Automotive Mobility Solutions (CAMS) events last month…

July 14, 2022

NMEDA on the Road: PVA’s National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Superior Van & Mobility was the most recent mobility dealer to host to two successful Comprehensive Automotive Mobility Solutions (CAMS) events last month…

July 11, 2022

For Those Who Need a Little Help with Mobility

For most individuals with partial disabilities who don’t require a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle, there are a number of simple, affordable options that can make life […]

June 25, 2022

Summer-Proofing Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

If you live in an area known for its seasonably high temperatures during the summer months, then you should be taking the proper precautions necessary to […]

June 16, 2022

NMEDA on the Road: CMSA

Last week, NMEDA exhibited at the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida…

June 9, 2022

Guidance on Revised FTC Safeguard Rule

As covered in the latest Circuit Breaker magazine article, “2021 Amendments to the FTC Safeguard Rule Could be Costly to Your Dealership,” there were significant changes to the Federal Trade Commission Safeguard Rule last year that may impact your bottom-line….

June 6, 2022

Rule Update—Selling Non-Posted, New Conversions

The NMEDA Board of Directors recently moved to clarify QAP Rule 5.T., which establishes compliance requirements for the sale of new, personal-use conversions by QAP accredited locations…

June 2, 2022

NMEDA Signs Official Partnership with RESNA

NMEDA recently signed an official partnership with long-time friend and unofficial partner, the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America (RESNA)…

June 2, 2022

NMEDA Conference Registration is Open!

After the success of the first Colo with ADED, we’re doing it again—and you’re invited!

May 25, 2022

Supply Chain Shortages Affecting WAV Availability

As we are all well aware, supply-chain shortages are making it difficult to acquire vehicles and their parts…