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Mark Wellman in his Chevy TruckMark Wellman's relationship with Chevy Trucks represented one of the first times a major auto manufacturer partnered with a disabled athlete. Image Credit: Wellman Archives

Higher Ground

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With his rock wall in tow, Mark Wellman, the Godfather of Outdoor Adaptive Sports, teaches, motivates and changes lives one climb at a time.
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Tips on Choosing the Right Adaptive Vehicle Repair Shop

When your accessible vehicle needs repairing, where do you take it? After checking the warranty, take it to the place where you bought it. But if you are out of town, have moved or it’s after hours, what do you do?...
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Adaptive Vehicles: Five Questions and Answers

Having freedom and independence is critical to maintaining a healthy attitude toward life. The ability to drive is usually at the top of the list when it comes to…
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Which Accessible Vehicle Fits Your Particular Disability?

The selection of  vehicles for people with disabilities who also need wheelchair access may not be as varied as the selection for those who do not need a lift or…
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All About Adaptive Vehicles

TAMPA, FL (April 20, 2015) – Having freedom and your independence is critical to maintaining a healthy attitude toward life. The ability to drive is usually at…
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Frequently Asked Questions: Adaptive Vehicles With such a wide variety of adaptive vehicle equipment options available, selecting the appropriate features or modifications…
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Parking Permitted, Right?

Luckily, there are parking permissions in place for those with disabilities. Not only does such parking allow for easier access to store fronts and by offering closer…
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Tick Tock! Voting Begins April 1 for Chance to Win an Accessible Van

Have you heard? National Mobility Awareness Month in May, will end with a free wheelchair accessible vehicle for three “Local Heroes?” And you could be a winner. The…
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Seniors: There’s a Car Built Just For You

As seniors we’re no longer looking for that sleek little sports car – we couldn’t get out of one if we could get into it. We couldn’t double clutch it and…
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Get Back on the Road with a Wheelchair Motorcycle!

If your disability has prevented you from feeling the wind on your face from atop your favorite motorcycle, you can have the bike converted or get a “trike kit”…