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Don’t Give Up on Getting an Accessible Vehicle

  They can be pricey, but don’t give up on getting that accessible vehicle you need. Pre-owned vans are a very affordable option. If it is not already converted,…
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Adapted Vehicle Steering Aids: From Reduced Effort to Foot Steering

There are many types of driving devices available that require minimum effort for steering or are designed especially for quadriplegics, those with prosthesis and…
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Tips on Test-Driving a New Vehicle for Comfort

  Test-driving any new vehicle before you buy is a significant part of the purchase decision, especially if you are a senior or have disabilities. Three top…

Tips on Buying Your First Accessible Van

You’ve been admiring a van at the local auto dealership and decide it is time to buy your first accessible vehicle. The salesman has a great spiel and suggests…
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Get Back on the Road with a Wheelchair Motorcycle!

If your disability has prevented you from feeling the wind on your face from atop your favorite motorcycle, you can have the bike converted or get a “trike kit”…
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Reminder: Wheelchair Safety While Driving or Riding

If you use a wheelchair, you probably know how to get into and out of a car safely. You’ve seen a certified driver rehabilitation specialist and know the rules.…
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The Best Source for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

NMEDA is a non-profit trade association of mobility equipment manufacturers, dealers, driver rehabilitation specialists, and other professionals dedicated to improving…
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Putting You In The Driver’s Seat

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To lead the most active life you can, you probably want a conversion van or vehicle; when purchasing you have three ways to go about it. First, you could buy a new…
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Safety First – Are You in the Right Hands?

To ensure consumer and public safety, the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA) issues specific safety regulations (FMVSS) that all motor…