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gas pump regulations for people with disabilities

Get All the Mileage You Can

  As gas can be a bit of challenge to get for drivers with disabilities, you’ll want to make sure your accessible vehicle can get all the mileage possible…
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Operating Handicap Accessible Vehicles Requires a Driver Certification for Disabled: Part 2

Once you’ve completed your clinical evaluation, it’s time for an on-road assessment in a handicap accessible vehicle. This is where the driver rehabilitation…
ADED Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

Operating Handicap Accessible Vehicles Requires a Driver Certification for Disabled: Part 1

The desire to drive and be independent can become a reality for many people with disabilities. The range of wheelchair accessible vehicles and vehicle modifications…
Alexander learning cabin control e1595335197744

People With Disabilities: Learn to Drive from the Experts

If you have been recently injured and want to drive an accessible or handicap car or van, your physician may recommend (and your state may require) driver training…
canadian international autoshow

Canadian International Auto Show Runs through Feb. 26

That fresh new car smell is in the air as Spring ushers in auto shows all over the world, and Canada is no exception. The 2012 Canadian International Auto Show…
wheelchair van rental

Entry and Exit Options for Drivers with Disabilities

  Depending on their ability, drivers with disabilities who use a wheelchair have a big decision: Picking an option for getting into and out of the drivers…
wheelchair accessible RV

Travel Often? Consider an Accessible RV!

We read a lot about handicap minivans and full-size vans, but how about an accessible RV? If you travel often and find accessible hotels not so wheelchair friendly…
disability vehicles for people with arthritis

Tips on Choosing Automotive Features for People with Arthritis

  Wheelchair accessible vans are not just for people with disabilities. An accessible vehicle can ease the pain of driving if you suffer from arthritis or…
gas pump regulations for people with disabilities

ADA Has New Rules for Pumping Gas for People with Disabilities

  Effective March 15, 2012, any gas pump with reach heights of operable parts over 54 inches above the driving surface will be in violation of the Americans…
disability key fob

High-Tech Convenience: The Smart Key

We all appreciate the remote that locks and unlocks our cars. It’s great for individuals with disabilities who use wheelchair accessible or handicap vans or seniors…