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QAP-Specific Messages for Dealers

QAPx Update

As a result of updates to the QAP Rules & Guidelines, changes were made to both the QAPx and Docutrack programs. Please see the bulletin that follows for information on these changes.

QAPx: Every Job, Every Store, Every Time

A friendly reminder to our dealers using QAPx (or Docutrack) that every job is required to be entered, every time.

Rule Update—Selling Non-Posted, New Conversions

The NMEDA Board of Directors recently moved to clarify QAP Rule 5.T., which establishes compliance requirements for the sale of new, personal-use conversions by QAP accredited locations...

New Audit Reschedule Policy

The NMEDA Board of Directors has recently approved a new policy to address QAP audit cancellations that will become effective for audits confirmed for March 28, 2022, and after...

Welcome to QAP Bulletins

This is something new from NMEDA, it’s called a “QAP Bulletin” and we intend to send these out to all listed QAP contacts when we have pertinent information about the program that we want to share with you...