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The Importance of Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

From determining what type of vehicle conversions are appropriate for drivers or families with special needs to diminishing these challenges and preparing them to…
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Get Physical with Adaptive Exercise and Equipment

  Exercising and maintaining a fitness routine has been proven beneficial in ways extending beyond improving one’s physical health. Basic physical fitness…
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Media Representation: Characters with Disabilities & Mobility Equipment

Although people with disabilities make up the nation’s largest minority, the number of television characters with a disability amounts to less than one percent…

What Owning Handicap Accessible Vehicles Could Mean for You

Handicap accessible vehicles have been on the market for a long time. Recent years have brought about all kinds of improvements and sales have been increasing. These…
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Best Cities for the Physically Disabled

Great care and consideration is taken to ensure that your home, automobile and other areas under your control are accessible for physical disabilities, especially if they require and use mobility equipment. Is the same consideration taken in your urban dwelling area? The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation recently looked at 100 of America’s largest cities and ranked them based on wheelchair access and quality of life for people using wheelchairs.
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Did You Know? QAP Participation Became NMEDA Requirement in 2011

If you are a person with disabilities and have, or are in the process of purchasing an accessible van, you probably know about the National Mobility Equipment Dealers…