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Approved Third Party Test Labs

NMEDA CRP Approved Third-Party Test Labs

Vehicle manufacturers who wish to have conversions posted have the option of consulting with NMEDA CRP directly or by using a NMEDA approved third-party test lab. The following test labs have met the criteria and have been approved to conduct and review vehicle crash testing including applicable F/CMVSS and other compliance tests as required by NMEDA CRP.

Click here for information about the criteria for, or to become an approved third-party test lab.

Approved Third-Party Test Labs:

MGA Research Corporation
4514 Speedway Blvd
Lincoln, Alabama 35096
Contact: Marshall Houston
Tel: (256) 362-5597

PMG Technologies Inc
100 rue Du Landais
Blainville, Québec, Canada J7C 5C9
Contact: Mark Cohen
Tel: (888) 764-8378

MGA Research Corporation
5000 Warren Road
Burlington, WI 53105
Contact: Jordan Haynes
Tel: (262) 763-2705