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B&D Independence, Inc.

COMPONENT / MODEL Tested in Vehicle


F/CMVSS 207 / 210

Seat / Seat Belt Anchorages

C61 Power Transfer Seat Base

Tested with Ford Explorer

OEM power seat

Braun Ford Explorer MXV side entry lowered floor

2017 platform

 Driver side  PASS1
 Passenger side  PASS1
C62 Power Transfer Seat Base 2017 to 2018 Braun Side Entry Chrysler Pacifica  Driver side  PASS2,3
 Passenger side  PASS2,3

1 Continuous audible signal provided to alert PTSB occupant when the PTSB is adjusted beyond the 207/210 tested range while the vehicle is in motion.

2 The PTSB was tested at its maximum adjustment height (full up), which is the worst-case test scenario to cover all height adjustments. The maximum height adjustment of the PTSB may take the seat vertical travel past the occupant protection zone (air bags, etc.), but it was agreed with the company that some disabled drivers may have to adjust the seating system to this height. Therefore, this was considered to be the extreme test position to certify all positions within the vertical range – including the positions within the occupant protection zone.

3 The system was tetsted with the OEM power seat in its rearward adjustment position for the forward pull test as required by the standard and with the PTSB in its default position of 4″ back from the most forward position, since the PTSB is not a seat adjustment device and is locked-out in the default position when the vehicle is in motion, except in special prescribed circumstances.